The 7 best destinations to travel with children in 2016

Going on vacation with children is undoubtedly a great adventure. You need to organize everything in detail so that nothing goes wrong. Many think that traveling with children It is a utopia ... that is because they did not read this article where we tell you the 7 best destinations to go as a family this 2016. To pack your bags, it has been said!

Where to go on a trip with the children?

Toys, suitcases that pay excess weight, special meals, shortened routes and close distances. All this happens when we go on a trip with the children. But also It is one of the most beautiful moments of the family and it is worth going through this experience. Do not worry, if this year you want to go on vacation with your children, we offer you the best destinations:

1. Canada

Yes, we know that it is usually cold, but that does not happen 365 days. Its cities are clean, tidy and with many activities for the little ones.

Niagara Falls - Igor Sh

Surely they love going to the circus, here they can enjoy the Cirque du Soleil shows. If you are on an adventure plan, Niagara Falls on the border with the United States is an impressive sight.

2. Orlando

Thinking about vacations with children is synonymous with going to Disney theme parks. It is not advisable to go with babies, since the wear is too much, both for children and parents. But if you have kids from 9 or 10 years old it will be the best gift you can give them.

Disney Magic Kingdom - Jeff Krause /

SeaWorld, Universal Studios and Legoland (in addition to Disney World) will offer fun for all ages. They are also close to the beach if they want some rest.

3. Singapore

We tend to have a little fear of exotic destinations if we travel with children. However, in Singapore you can rest assured that both they and you will have a great time. Kidzania Park is perfect for them to find their vocation,since it has scenarios of 80 different professions. They will even wear the corresponding clothes!

Pulau Ubin Island - Chris Howey

After a day there, I'm surethey will want to recharge, nothing better then than the island of Pulau Ubin and its traditional villages. For children not so small ... a night safari will be great.

4. London

The English capital is a world to know no matter how old we are. With many free museums, we can choose the one we want. For children the best are wax and British. Of course, the Golden Eye is a must and the markets to buy whatever they want.

London Eye - PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek

Both in the center and on the outskirts of the city you can do the Harry Potter tour, going through the scenarios that were used to film the young wizard's films.

«The world is a book, who does not travel reads a single page.»

-San Agustin-

5. Maui

Hawaii is synonymous with fun, whether you are a child or an adult. Its beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters are the perfect place to go with your family. Dancing the Hula Hula, putting on flower necklaces and drinking coconut juices while building castles facing the sea is the same as being in paradise.

Maui Beach, Hawaii - TomKli

But not everything is beach on this island, We can also enjoy the hiking trails of the Lao Valley State Park to see mountains and volcanoes (inactive) and even take a submarine ride.

6. Denmark

It is a country that could be said to be designed for children. In many hotels they offer discounts to families sleeping in the same room or even free accommodation for minors. Something similar happens in public transport.

Legoland - jean schweitzer

Danish fun, without a doubt, is in Lego Park, with all the attractions on a real scale. In the capital, Copenhagen, you will find thematic centers and museums to get the scientist we all have inside. One of the must-sees is Experimentarium, to get to know the human brain in depth.

7. New York

Don't think about what happened to poor Macaulay Culkin in the movie Home alone, since you won't leave your kids for a single minute. Going to party time and winter to New York is a dream for the whole family. Walk through Central Park, admire the lights of Times Square or skate in front of the Rockefeller Center are just some of the activities to do here.

Central Park, New York - Songquan Deng

Outside the colder months, you can enjoy the Children's Art Museum, the Wax Museum or the Natural History Museum (where the film was filmed with Ben Stiller).

Do you still think it is not possible to travel with children? We have shown you that they will have a great time!

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