4 reasons to visit Barcelona

Barcelona is considered by some to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, It has an inexhaustible wealth of cultural wealth. Its streets are full of charm, history and art. Halfway between the sea and the mountain, its atmosphere catches the tourist, who excitedly will find a wide catalog of attractions, none of which will leave you indifferent.

Wander through its squares, avenues and discover its peculiar neighborhoods or penetrate its groves and parks, as well as taking a relaxing bath in its pleasant beaches are only a few possibilities among the hundreds of entertainment that the City offers to visitors.

Barcelona: passion for architecture

1. Gaudí, modernist creative ingenuity

In this awesome city the passionate of architecture will have the opportunity to meet many works of the magnificent genius artistic and geometric Antoni Gaudí.

The unfinished cathedral of the Sagrada Familia is one of the greatest examples of his work. Its spectacular attracts thousands of people from all corners of the world.

For its part, Güell Park is another treasure of modernism. It was commissioned by businessman Eusebi Güell, patron of the artist.

Güell Park - S-F

Another of the great buildings that emerged from this prodigious mind is Casa Mila, better known as La Pedrera, a work inspired by nature and, therefore, full of creative ways that seem to come from our most vivid imagination.

By last, Casa Batlló will not cease to surprise those who decide to explore it. You have to go up to the roof to see closely the famous chimneys, which are representations of the spine of the dragon killed by San Jordi, patron of Catalonia. We cannot leave this curious home without going through its patio of lights, whose staircase has a unique spell.

2. The charm of the old cathedral

The Holy Cathedral Church Basilica of the Holy Cross and Santa Eulalia is a Gothic building with a story almost as extensive as his name. Despite being located exactly in the same district that the Sagrada Familia does not remain in the background. Inside it houses the mortal remains of the martyr to which it is dedicated.

Barcelona Cathedral - Sergey Dzyuba

As a curiosity, his cloister is inhabited by thirteen scandalous geese, something that has been considered a divine sign, since its number coincides with the exact age at which the saint died. The famous Santo Cristo de Lepanto also shelters, to which the people of Barcelona feel great devotion.

If desired, You can go up by elevator to the terrace to contemplate a beautiful panorama from the rooftops of this beautiful metropolis.

3. Torre Agbar, Barcelona's executive badge

This skyscraper, which has also been called The Water Tower, It is one of the most suggestive and provocative properties. Although at first its construction did not please everyone and had many detractors, it finally rose to become a true hallmark of Catalan technological and executive power.

Agbar tower - peresanz

Thanks to its characteristic bullet shape, as well as the exhaustive system of luminous mechanisms that decorate it, it attracts the attention of both tourists and curious people. It measures almost 150 meters and has 34 floors, most of which have been arranged forming office rooms. For all these reasons, it is currently a more than obligatory visit for those interested in contemporary architectural knowledge of Barcelona.

«Barcelona is a strange city, because the uglier the weather, the more beautiful the city. And the ugliest of buildings, is the most consistent in the city »

-Rem Koolhaas-

4. Walks that fall in love: Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is the name of the most frequented avenue in Barcelona. Its unmistakable flower sales stands fill this beautiful space with color. They are accompanied by the movement of street comedians and the beautiful canvases of painters making portraits.

Ramblas - Filipe Frazao / Shutterstock.com

This boulevard begins in the old town of the city, more specifically in the Plaza de Cataluña, and ends in the Plaza de Colón. In honor of the discoverer of America there is a viewpoint located 60 meters high, in the highest part of its own statue. The views obtained from there are extraordinary.

However, before getting here we must not forget to stop by the Boqueria Market or visit the well-known and respected Liceo Theater.

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