Today we discover Comillas

Comillas is a beautiful Cantabrian town with an interesting historical center. In it you can find beautiful examples of popular architecture, but also magnificent modernist buildings of the 19th century. Let's go for a walk through Quotation marks, its mansions and palaces, its squares and cobbled streets you will love.

The impressive village of Comillas

Comillas has a small group of 17th-century mountain-style mansions and other old buildings of interest. It is worth noting its square, surrounded by beautiful houses with viewpoints. You also have to stop to contemplate your town hall or the church of San Cristóbal, from the 18th century.

But without a doubt the most relevant of Comillas, What has given it popularity is the sample of modernist buildings and constructions that it houses. Constructions made during a time when this municipality was a summer resort for the Spanish aristocracy.


El Capricho - Jim Anzalone /

It is, without a doubt, one of the most representative and well-known constructions of the town. A fantastic modernist palace designed by the great Antoni Gaudí. It stands out for its elaborate decoration with ceramic strips, its particular cylindrical tower, its porch with huge columns and its balconies. In addition, each facade is different, a real treat.

Palace of Sobrellano

Palace of Sobrellano - KarSol

Is about a very eclectic style building, in which neo-gothic elements predominate, although you can also see Venetian details and Arabic architecture.

Work by Martorell and Domenech i Muntaner and with an orthogonal plant, The facade of this building is simply magnificent. A part of the furniture was designed by Gaudí.

Pontifical University

Pontifical University of Comillas - Pabl1n

The old institution building It is neo-Gothic, with Mudejar decorative elements. Of him they emphasize, precisely, the facades by his wonderful decoration, loaded with symbols.

Other places of interest

Comillas still has much more to offer the visitor. Since the monument to the Marquis of Comillas, with a very particular pedestal that resembles the bow of a ship, to the wonderful views that can be seen from the Coteruca, a fantastic house adorned with a kind of battlements.

All this without forgetting the source of the Three Pipes, also modernist, or Casa Ocejo, built in stone masonry.

Comillas Cemetery - KarSol

And, if you are not too superstitious, we must not stop approaching the cemetery, in the ruins of an old Gothic church. Dominating the construction is the Angel de Llimona, a sculptural work that represents an angel with a sword in his hand and looks towards the sea.

Wonderful caves in Comillas

In the area of ​​Comillas there were already prehistoric settlements. The sites and cave paintings found in some of its caves attest to this.

Cave of La Meaza

It is one of the treasures of Comillas. A cave inhabited in the Paleolithic in which paintings have been found with a certain abstract air. The central hall has Magdalenian figures, typical of the Bronze Age, a masterpiece.

"Not knowing what has happened before us is like being incessantly children."


Portillo Caves

What is surprising about this cave are its vast galleries that form a true artistic treasure. The fishing activity that was near the cave can be noticed in concheros of Neolithic origin. In addition, ceramic remains, flint and some prehistoric paintings have been found in them.

Numa Mine

In this ancient mine, arrowheads, utensils and coins of Roman origin have been found. It stands out above all the altar that was dedicated to the god Jupiter.

Oyambre Natural Park

Located between Comillas and San Vicente de la Barquera, It is a place that offers wonderful landscapes of beaches, estuaries, dunes and sandy marshes on the one hand and the Picos de Europa in the background.

Oyambre Natural Park - Pedro Oliva

With almost 6,000 hectares, It has a great ecological value precisely because of that variety of ecosystems that it hosts. A perfect place to enjoy the sea at Merón beach or bird watching in its marshes.

The park It also has a network of trails to be able to enjoy all this wealth. Routes some of them of little difficulty, so they can be done with the smallest of the house.

Comillas is a beautiful Cantabrian town that offers everything a traveler could want: history, architecture and breathtaking landscapes Did you know her?

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