The archaeological zone of Palenque in Mexico

Palenque is one of the most important archaeological zones of the Mayan culture. In this place the high command of this culture was concentrated. It was abandoned at the end of the first millennium of the current era and was inhabited only by the jungle that surrounds it. It is currently the most tourist area of ​​Chiapas. Let's go through the archeological zone of Palenque in Mexico. Can you come with us?

Palenque, archeological beauty

The archeological zone of Palenque it was a city Maya very important that it had its time of splendor during the years 650 and 750 A.D. It is located just eight kilometers from the city, seated on the first hill of the Tumbala mountains. The archaeological zone has more than two hundred structures of different sizes that represent the social and political life of the Mayan culture.

Palenque - smej

Palenque was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987, and was described as "an incomparable achievement of Mayan art." Its buildings are architectural jewels that are characterized by thin and light lines, result of construction techniques and drainage methods developed to reduce the thickness of the walls.

Internally the space was expanded, It has multiple openings and galleries that give the place a lot of elegance. It is decorated with abundant sculptures and a stucco class that has not been seen before.

«Digging is opening a book written in the language that centuries have spoken within the earth.»

-Spyridon Marinatos-

Much more to discover

During its boom, the complex of structures of the Palenque extended by almost 40 kilometers. Only about a kilometer was excavated revealing the most important structures of the western Mayan civilization. Experts say there is much to discover and that is part of its charm.

Agua Azul - haak78

In the surroundings there are natural attractions that further enhance the beauty of the place. Here rivers, waterfalls, lakes and jungle vegetation abound, They give rise to practice many activities and sports. Among those places are the beautiful waterfalls of Agua Azul and those of Misol Ha, whose fall reaches more than 30 meters, and where a large natural swimming pool is formed ideal for swimming.

What to see in Palenque

Temple of the Inscriptions

This temple is located on the eastern side of the entrance to Palenque. It is 42 meters high and it is a pyramid staggered. It has its name written on three rock boards with hieroglyphic inscriptions that speak of the history of the ruling dynasty of the city.

Temple of the Inscriptions - jejim

In addition to the hieroglyphs, this temple exhibits some paintings such as the cycle of life and Mayan death, masks of the rain god and the crypt of the Lord of Palenque, a large sarcophagus where it is said the remains of King Pakal are preserved. The cover of the sarcophagus and the slab, as well as the walls of the crypt, are beautifully decorated with bas-reliefs that show, among other things, Pakal's death and his descent into the underworld.

The palace

It is one of the most beautiful complexes of Mayan architecture. More than a building, It is a set of interconnected buildings They were built and remodeled over 400 years.

The Palace - Vadim Petrakov

It is located in the center of the archaeological zone and its name is due to the four-body tower that characterizes it. It has underground rooms, courtyards beautifully decorated with human figures and religious or chronological scenes.

Crosses set

This set is formed by the Temple of the Cross, Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Foliated Cross. It served to commemorate the rise to the throne of Mr. Chan Bahlum II after Pakal's death.

Located in the northern part, The Temple of the Cross contains three graves, two tombstones with inscriptions, a monolith known as La Muerta and 18 clay cylinders representing deities.

Temple of the Cross - jejim

The Temple of the Foliated Cross has doors that give access to three rooms. This temple has a sanctuary where a frieze with stucco fragments and three stone tombstones that form the Foliated Cross Board are preserved.

Finally, at the west end, we have the Temple of the Sun, in whose sanctuary you can see three limestone boards where the image of a sun shield is admired.

Other elements that you can not miss the Palenque are the Plaza del Sol, the ball court and the aqueduct. Knowing this archaeological park is a must in your visit to Mexico, do not miss it!

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