The 8 most spectacular waterfalls in Europe

When we talk about the spectacular nature of a waterfall we don't have to refer only to its dimensions. Of course, a waterfall of hundreds of meters or a kilometer width helps make some waterfalls beautiful, but on other occasions their beauty is based mainly on the environment where they are. And that is the great attraction of waterfalls most spectacular in Europe that we present here.

The most beautiful waterfalls

1. The Horse's Tail in Spain

Horsetail - holbox

Let's start with a Spanish waterfall that is the clear example of what we are talking about. The Cola del Caballo waterfall It is less than 30 meters high, and yet it has become one of the most beautiful places in the entire Pyrenees mountain range.

It is located in the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, the great natural jewel of Aragon.

"The earth has music for those who listen."

- George Santayana -

2. Gavarnie waterfall in France

Gavarnie Waterfall - Ander Dylan

Precisely from the summit of Monte Perdido, in Spanish territory, part of the waters that give Gavarnie's impressive leap arrive, already in French lands.

A jump of 423 meters that bathes the so-called Gavarnie Circus, whose spectacularity and natural value is such that it is declared a World Heritage Site.

3. Seljalandsfoss in Iceland

Seljalandsfoss - My Good Images

In Iceland, beautiful waterfalls abound, both in summer and winter, when they become ice falls.

And of the endless attractive waterfalls we will mention the Seljalandfoss. A waterfall of about 60 meters which is possible to contemplate from outside and also inside the waterfall itself, when rushing in a vacuum.

4. Waterfall of the Seven Sisters in Norway

Waterfall of the Seven Sisters - mmuenzl

Also in this Scandinavian country there are many waterfalls, some of great height. But if we have to choose, we are left with this It is best seen sailing on cruises that run through the Geiranger Fjord.

From the boat you can see this waterfall, in which seven different water arms are distinguished. No wonder this place has generated various legends.

5. Valaste waterfall in Estonia

Valaste Waterfall - Aleksey Stemmer

We still do not leave northern Europe, but now we are going to the Baltic Republic of Estonia. There is the waterfall of Valaste that rushes on a limestone cliff.

The funny thing is that its natural appearance has a human origin, since was created after some works in the 70s of the last century. However, the evolution of the landscape has made it a very attractive place.

6. Marmore waterfall in Italy

Marmore waterfall - Stefano Terrinoni

This triple waterfall in the Nera Fluvial Park in the Italian region of Umbria It also has an artificial origin.

Although in this case much older, since it was the Romans who laid the groundwork for the passage of time and the action of nature to create this place, which today It is visible from several viewpoints, including one inside the waterfall.

7. Staubbach waterfall in Switzerland

Cascada Staubbach - Creative Travel Projects

We still had to present a waterfall located in the mountain range of the Alps. Of course, there you can see beautiful waterfalls on many occasions due to glacial erosion of these landscapes.

An example is that of Staubbachfall, which is the second highest waterfall in Switzerland, with its almost 300 meters high. A tourist attraction in the area, since several observation platforms have been created that can be reached by elevator.

8. Plitvice Lakes National Park Falls in Croatia

Plitvice lakes - mpaniti

We finish this tour through another really fascinating place, not only for the waterfalls themselves, but for all their surroundings of exceptional value. A Croatian national park where the absolute queen is water, which creates several lakes and almost a hundred waterfalls. A place that has become one of the most visited spaces in Croatia.

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