We discover the most beautiful Greek islands one by one

If you have in mind traveling to Greece this summer or on your next vacation, not only will you be able to see its great historical and cultural heritage, you can also enjoy the most beautiful beaches. For it We are going to show you some of the most spectacular Greek islands one by one. Prepared?

The Greek islands are divided into several archipelagos. They are characterized by their turquoise color, paradisiacal beaches, white houses, beautiful sunsets and their references to mythology. We go with the most outstanding:

The most beautiful Greek islands one by one

1. Mykonos Island

Mykonos - Justin Black

The Cyclades is one of the most famous archipelagos in Greece, it is made up of more than two hundred islands, where Mykonos stands out. It is a place to have fun and enjoy some impression beaches, case of Paradise Beach, Panormo, Kalafati or Elia. It has direct flights from countless European cities or by boat from the Athenian capital. It is best to book in advance.

2. Santorini Island

Santorini - T. Natchai

An island no doubt different from the rest of the Aegean Sea. Its beauty of volcanic origin coupled with that romantic image and a good atmosphere for nightlife lovers make it a special place.

The dark sand beaches combine very well with the turquoise blue sea and the white of its architecture. Red Beach, White Beach or Kamari stand out as the best beaches. In case you like water sports, you can go scuba diving or visit the town of Armeni. There many people practice snorkeling in its impressive seabed.

3. Rhodes Island

Palace of the Grand Master, Rhodes - George Papapostolou

On our tour of the Greek islands one by one we stop now in the largest in the Dodecanese archipelago and one of the most important in Greece. It stands out, in addition to the beauty of its beaches, for the myths that have come from its history to the present day.

Rhodes is a beautiful medieval city that some walls protect it. It is declared a World Heritage Site, still being in a perfect state of conservation today.

4. Corfu Island

Corfu - Anna Jedynak

They emphasize their typical towns with white houses. We are on an island where there are many churches of Byzantine origin, fortresses and a lively nightlife. All this makes it one of the most popular islands. In the capital its cosmopolitan air stands out, being clear its obvious Anglo-Saxon and French influences.

One of the best known beaches is Emerald Island, color by which its waters are known. One of the most recommended is that of Agios Stefanos, which is located 35 kilometers from the capital. We talk about one of the most outstanding, with all the services and it is easy to access it.

5. Limnos Island

Limnos - Jiri Vavricka

This is the island that less people know about the North Aegean Sea. In it the plains abound and the Greeks themselves say that here are the most crystalline waters of the entire Aegean. To visit it, you must take a plane from Athens and in less than an hour you can be enjoying this paradise on earth.

In the capital, Mirina, there is a good gastronomic and hospitality offer, so all kinds of services can be offered to the visitor.

6. Paxos Island

Paxos - Mila Atkovska

Next to Corfu. This is an island that is less known, but that The visitor is usually pleasantly surprised by the tranquility, High quality beaches and excellent restaurants, which are true temples of Mediterranean cuisine. Its sunsets are really amazing. So what better than enjoying them having a glass of ouzo, the traditional drink.

Some of its beaches are Kloni Gouli, Gianna or Kipiadi. In case you want to discover the beauty of the most beautiful bays in the area, then take an excursion aboard a small boat and thus enjoy a walk through its islets. We highlight as a plus to be able to visit an island that seems not to have suffered the massive contact of international tourism, which gives it an authenticity that is appreciated.

"The trip matters, not the arrival."

-T. S. Eliot-

We hope that after this walk through the paradisiacal Greek islands one by one you will be encouraged to visit them and simply let yourself go. More and more tourists are not limited to enjoying Mykonos or Santorini. The best of the Greek islands is not only there, there are also others that you have seen that have great attractions.

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