7 solutions to forget about the heat wave

When summer comes, and sweat starts to fall on our faces, we begin to think what to do to escape the heat wave. A vacation in a cool place! What other best proposal could we make? Depending on the tastes of each one, you can choose to choose cold places or paradisiacal places where the sea and the fresh cocktails make the bad drink more bearable.

Cool places to run away from heat wave

There are many countries in which to take refuge when high temperatures begin to overwhelm. In fact, in some of them it seems that the word "summer" does not exist. Of course, the weather is nice and perfect to enjoy a few days of relaxation.

1. Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden - Oleksiy Mark

A beautiful country where there are. The well-known Scandinavian country records an average of 20 degrees during what in other countries is known as summer. This makes strolling through its streets and sightseeing is the most pleasant at this time of year.

Another advantage, that being a country of beaches and summer tourism, in the summer season the flights are not more expensive. Enjoy jogging in their forests, strolling the streets of Stockholm or having a hot chocolate will be some of the pleasures you can enjoy.

2. Iceland

Iceland - anderm

A beautiful country full of nature, geysers, glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes and many other natural treasures that you will love to discover.

Here the average is 15 degrees in summer season and rarely exceeds 20-25. An option, therefore, ideal to escape the heat wave.

3. Canada

Moraine Lake, Canada - Galyna Andrushko

Do you dare with something even colder? 14 degrees is the maximum temperature in the month of July in many areas of Canada. It seems that the pools in this country are only to decorate. Although if you are daring, we dare you to bathe in a lake, it is great for circulation.

If the cold is not your thing ...

The cold may not be your thing, but you feel like running away from the hot city without a beach where you live. Where to go? Well nothing better than choosing places with microclimate and beach That make you feel at ease all the time. For example:

4. Malaga

Malaga - Sean Pavone

Malaga, the capital of the well-known Costa del Sol, is a fantastic place Many Scandinavians arrive fleeing the cold, while many others do so looking for its heat accompanied by its sea breeze and its cool night.

An average of 28 degrees in summer makes it the ideal place to enjoy without melting. Its beaches and all its tourist attractions along with more than 35 museums in the capital, make it One of the best Spanish cities to get away.

5. Canary Islands

Papagayo Beach, Lanzarote - n. yanchuk

The Canary Islands are characterized by maintaining a mild climate throughout the year. Although in summer the temperatures rise a little, they do not become unbearable.

Its pristine beaches, natural landscapes and places to visit, make them an ideal place to spend a few days fleeing the heat wave. Not to mention of course, its excellent cuisine.

6. Thailand

Thailand - Anna Jedynak

Why not? Each time flights to this country are more affordable and its paradisiacal beaches make anyone fall in love. Walking through its natural landscapes or bathing in its crystalline waters will make you forget the heat and enjoy this beautiful country that will receive you with open arms.

7. Florida

Florida, USA - Jon Bilous

If there is a place in the world with beautiful beaches and an ideal climate to enjoy them, this is Florida, in the United States. A place where you will find disparate environments, beautiful beaches and unsurpassed nature. All in one. Do not think it!

"Leisure time is the best of all acquisitions."


This is our proposal to escape the heat wave. As you can see, it is somewhat different, to offer alternatives for all tastes and make sure that at least one of these destinations is your choice. You already know which one?