9 corners of Norway that will make you sigh or scream!

We travel to a fabulous Nordic country. We will visit spectacular corners of Norway. Corners that in no way will leave you indifferent. In some cases they will make you almost cry from emotion, but in others you will not be able to suppress a cry of impression. You are ready?

1. A typical postcard

Naeroyfjord - Ozerov Alexander

We begin our journey through the corners of Norway most incredible with a typical landscape, that of one of the many fjords that the country hides. Located its western coast, Naeroy's is not the longest fjord, but one of the narrowest and most beautiful.

2. A tall viewpoint

Trolltunga - NicoElNino

Trolltunga is one of the most incredible cliffs in Norway. And is that the view that is offered from here is simply spectacular. The so-called "goblin tongue" is suspended 700 meters above the Ringedalsvatnet lake. The road to get to this place is not simple, but the effort is worth it. Of course, would you get to the edge?

3. Balance unstable?

Kjerag - lkoimages

This rock is literally embedded a thousand meters above the Lyse fjord. Two impressive vertical walls serve as a support. One of the most spectacular corners of Norway, although few dare to climb this unique platform.

4. One of the best-known corners of Norway

Preikestolen - Feel good studio

The Pulpit (or Preikestolen) is one of the best known viewpoints in the country. A fantastic platform on the Lyse fjord. With its vertical wall of more than 600 meters, looking out over the edge is an experience. And, to complete the impression, nothing like admiring it later from the waters of the fjord.

5. A beautiful tongue of ice

Briksdal glacier - andrey polyvanov

It is not the largest glacier in Norway, but it is the most photogenic. The Briksdal glacier is one of the arms of a much larger one, that of Jostedal. Already from the distance a spectacular tongue of ice is contemplated. The road to its edge is done crossing a beautiful forest where you will discover some waterfalls that you will love.

6. The end of Europe

North Cape - Ron Bennett

It is the northernmost point of the European continent. North Cape is a place to enjoy fabulous views. Spectacular if the visit coincides with the famous midnight sun or winter aurora borealis. In either case, you can't help sighing.

7. Fantasy landscapes

Lofoten Islands - Andrey Armyagov

The Lofoten Islands hide some of Norway's most beautiful landscapes. Spectacular peaks, fishing villages that seem out of a story and small but wonderful fjords await you here. That, and the whales and sperm whales that furrow its icy waters.

8. A heart attack road

Trollstingen road - Aleh Mikalaichyk

In a country like Norway there may be few highways. In return, from its roads you can see wonderful views in which there is no lack of forests, cliffs and impressive waterfalls. Of course, some of them, like Trollstingen's, are only for the brave. Eleven 180º curves, would you be able to drive here?

9. Flowing water

Briksdalfallen - Nikiforov Alexander

We pointed out that from the roads you can see fabulous waterfalls. From the roads, from the boats that cross the fjords, from any path ... In Norway, water is one of the protagonists and the waterfalls that you will discover here will leave you speechless. We do not mention any, you will have to travel to this beautiful country to give them your name.

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