A route to discover the beauties of southern France

We propose a route that will allow you to enjoy some of the beauties of southern France. We will stop in charming villages and cities with a long history and monuments that you will love. Are you with us on the adventure?

The beauties of southern France

Bèzieres - MitchellShapiroPhotography / Flickr.com

The south of France is one of the most charming regions in Europe.In it you will find beautiful beaches, natural areas of great ecological value, towns and cities that will make you fall in love and monuments from all periods you can imagine.

The best way to discover all the beauties of southern France is to take a car tour. There are thousands of possibilities. We propose one, you can follow it or make small variants to discover other treasures. Everything will depend on the time you have.

Our route through the south of France

In our proposal to discover the beauties of southern France we look, especially, in charming towns and cities. But along the way you will discover natural spaces that will fascinate you. We start!

1. Montpellier

Montpellier Cathedral - Jean-Pierre Dalbéra / Flickr.com

We begin our tour in one of the most beautiful and special cities in southern France. This is Montpellier, with a spectacular and very well maintained historic center.

You can see places as emblematic as the cathedral of San Pedro, the Château de Flaugergues and countless palaces built between the 17th and 19th centuries. Here, in addition, is the oldest working medical school in the world and you can stroll through wonderful medieval streets.

2. Béziers

Béziers Cathedral - duchy

This is a small but charming city on the banks of the Orb River. In Béziers you cannot miss its cathedral or the old bridge over the river. The Chapel of the Blue Penitents, the covered market or the church of St. Jacques are other treasures.

3. Minerve

Minerve - Adwo

It is another of the beauties of southern France that will make you fall in love. Minerve is one of the most beautiful villages in France and ancient Cathar city. His situation stands out, perched on a rocky spur. But walking through its cobbled streets and discovering its castle is an experience.

And not only the people, you must also discover its surroundings, sculpted by the river Cesse and by one of its tributaries, the river Brian. A perfect place if you like hiking.

4. Carcassonne

Carcassonne - Vera Izrailit / Flickr.com

The citadel of Carcassonne is one of those places that takes you to other times just by seeing it from afar. With three kilometers of wall and 52 towers, It is the largest fortified city in Europe.

It is worth traveling slowly to discover its 12th-century county castle; the basilica of San Nazario, with beautiful gothic statues and fabulous stained glass windows from the 13th and 14th centuries; or the Paseo de las Lizas, among other treasures.

5. Narbonne

Narbonne - Leonid Andronov

With two thousand years of history, Narbonne is one of those beauties of southern France yet to be discovered. In it you can visit its beautiful cathedral, the Palace of the Archbishops or the unique Town Hall square. But if there is something that distinguishes this city is the Robine canal, that with its 32 kilometers crosses the city and is a World Heritage Site.

6. Perpignan

Perpignan - milosk50 / Shutterstock.com

Our next stop is an always lively city. In Perpingnan you will discover medieval treasures such as the Palace of the Kings of Mallorca or its old cathedral. But you can also admire magnificent examples of style building art nouveau Y art deco.

But this city also stands out for its hectic cultural life and for the amount of events that take place in it throughout the year.

7. Castelnou

Castelnou - Elena Dijour

We finish our route to discover the beauties of southern France in which for many it is the most beautiful town in the country,And that's saying a lot. It is an incredible medieval village perfectly preserved, with its cobbled streets, its castle and its walls.

Further, Castelnou is located at the foot of the Pyrenees, so you can enjoy incredible views from some viewpoint or enjoy some infarct landscapes if what you like is walking.

“In twenty years you will be more disappointed in the things you did not do than the things you did. So untie moorings and navigate away from known ports. Take advantage of trade winds in your sails. Explore It sounds. Discover."

-Mark Twain-

You have already seen it, the south of France is sown with wonderful towns and cities. These are just a few examples, but there are many more that you can discover if you extend this route to places like Nimes, Avignon or even Marseille.

Cover photo: François Schwarz / Flickr.com

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