The cities of the painter Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha may not be the most famous painter in history, however, we have seen his works all, since it is the most recognizable poster of modernism and the art nouveau. He devised numerous posters of plays and operas that created school and that today continue to influence graphic designers.

We go through the biography of Alphonse Mucha

The truth is that many images that we can see today and even buy to decorate our home and that we call vintage, are influenced by the painting developed by Alphonse Mucha. So We think he deserves this journey through his life and his work, visiting places that were important to him. Are you coming on a trip?

His native Moravia, in the Czech Republic

Alphonse Mucha - Wikimedia Commons

Alphonse Maria Mucha was born in the population of Ivancice of the Moravia region, an area that today belongs to the Czech Republic, but which in 1860, the year of its birth, belonged to the Austrian Empire. Then and now the capital of Moravia was the city of Brno, where he spent much of his childhood Mucha and where he began to train in the arts.

«I prefer to create images for people to produce art as an end in itself. »

-Alphonse a lot-

Mucha in Vienna, the imperial capital

However, When he was 19, he went to find his fortune as an artist in the capital of the Empire, in Vienna. There he made different commissions for the world of theatrical scenery. And it reached a certain popularity. However, he had to return to Moravia for a while, since the company he worked for disappeared.

An important commission in Munich

The next stop on the life path of Alphonse Mucha was to be the German city of Munich, in the region of Bavaria. The reason for this trip was that Count Khuel Belasi commissioned him to decorate Emmahof Castle.

This was one of his first great works. She would later join the paintings she made in another of her properties, Gandegg Castle, in Tyrol.

Alphonse Mucha and his beloved Paris

Wikimedia Commons

Those orders made it easy for Mucha to go to what was then the true artistic capital of the world: Paris. A city that arrived in 1887 and where he lived for several years, producing some of his most charismatic works.

He started working as an illustrator and publicist, and so he came to make the poster of a work of the great Sarah Bernhardt in 1895. That was his final accolade and the first work he did for the famous actress.

In this way, his elegant and flowery style made the diva and also Mucha himself more famous, who got a name beyond France.

Since then and until he left Paris in 1910, his fame did not stop growing. Plus, He was diversifying his works, alternating his charismatic posters, with his work as a painter, and also as a jewelry designer commissioned by one of the most reputed jewelers in the city.

Trips to the United States

Such fame led him to make several trips to the United States, a country he visited on several occasions between 1904 and 1910. And there he came to be considered "the best painter in the world" for the decorative character of his works that he liked so much there. However, although in that country he would never lack work, he always decided to return to Paris.

Tour of the Czech Republic

Slavic epic - Wikimedia Commons

And it was also time to return to his native country, to the Czech Republic. And he did it in 1910, settling in Prague, a city where he would die years later in 1939. There he continued with his design work, but above all he devoted himself to painting, creating works without any order and at will, like the famous Slavic epic, describing the history of his people.

A town he loved all his life, although his career can be described as cosmopolitan, given his many trips, and the multiple influences with which he developed his pictorial work. Anyway, We hope that from now on you will find the name of Alphonse Mucha more familiar.

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