Ways and places to contemplate the Christ the Redeemer

This huge statue is undoubtedly the biggest tourist attraction in Rio de Janeiro. Its large dimensions and the area in which it is located allow it to be seen from anywhere in the city. The usual thing is to contemplate the Christ the Redeemer from its base, but there are many other ways to do it. without having to ascend the hill of Corcovado.

Ways and places to contemplate the Christ the Redeemer

Contemplating the Christ the Redeemer is inevitable if you travel to Rio de Janeiro. But what are the best ways to admire it in all its greatness? We explain some of them so you can choose the one you want.

From the Concorvado train

Corcovado Train

This train was used to transport the pieces that form the Christ and today it takes you to him. It leaves every hour and can hold about 173 people, so run to avoid running out of your site!

It crosses the largest urban forest in the world, the Tijuca National Park, and takes about twenty minutes to arrive. It is the most authentic way to know this statue, since the train is closely related to it.

An incredible train that lives in harmony with the environment and that allows you to see the great statue along the way that protects Rio de Janeiro.

Join a tour to Corcovado

Christ redeemer

There are various guided tours in the city from which you can not only contemplate the Christ the Redeemer from a distance, but also access it. We talk about three:

  • Full Rio de Janeiro Tour: in it you can see the most characteristic monuments of the city starting at the Christ the Redeemer and going down to the Maracana stadium, the cathedral of Rio, the Sambadrome and the Sugar Loaf.
  • Christ the Redeemer City Tour: This tour lasts four hours and focuses mainly on the ascent to Christ.
  • River Express City Tour: It is similar to the first one, but of less duration since it does not include lunch.

Any of them will be a great option to get to know this imposing statue.

In a "van"

Corcovado Mountain

Can you think of a better position to see this monument than from one of these vans? You can access the best places to see the Christ the Redeemer at your leisure, without hurry or schedules. If you stand in front of the mountain of Corcovado sitting on it you will have stunning views of the mountain and the statue.

Even so, If you don't dare to rent one, there are some that will take you to the top, while observing the monument from different perspectives. The price will include the entrance to the Christ without waiting or queues. Therefore it is one of the most requested means of transport, since having many available, the queues are shortened.

Walker there is no way ...

Lague Park

The most athletic and intrepid choose to walk. What advantages does this have? In addition to sports, you can take pictures of different perspectives of the figure. Surely on the way you will find fabulous viewpoints to see the Christ the Redeemer.

There are several trails that allow you to access it, such as the one that starts at Parque Lague. It will only take you two hours to arrive and it has the addition that you can do the final part of the tour of the train rails. His level of difficulty is moderate, so almost anyone can do it.

The walk to the Christ the Redeemer also allows us to see animals as characteristic of the place as are Capuchin monkeys, as well as dense vegetation formed by tropical plants.


Christ the Redeemer from the base Will Clayton / Flickr.com

If your schedule is tight and your time limited, don't complicate yourself. Deal with a taxi driver and try to negotiate a good price for taking you to know the Christ. You can agree that the same taxi driver will wait for you while you visit and then come back down. Speaking people understand, don't they say that?

What is certain is that, choose the form you choose, contemplating the Christ the Redeemer is an unforgettable experience. From the distance or already located at his feet, it is an impressive statue that leaves everyone who knows it speechless.