The most dangerous airports in the world

When we travel, we love to know inhospitable corners and certain curiosities of the places we visit. Because, We want to talk to you about the most dangerous airports in the world. It sounds ironic that there are dangerous airports where one of the safest means of transport exists. But yes, there are and these are some.

1. The most dangerous airports: Juancho E. Yrausquin, Saba (Netherlands Antilles)

Saba Airport - Photocapy / Wikimedia Commons

Like cutting a corner of a cape from sea to sea, and with only 400 meters in length, This is one of the smallest airstrips in the world. Making maneuvers here becomes an odyssey, so only the most experienced pilots are allowed to fly to and from there.

Of course, there is no better natural escape than the one offered by this airport. If you travel there to see nature, you will see it booming as soon as you get off the plane.

2. Antarctica

In Antarctica there are several airports and airfields. Don't you understand why they are among the most dangerous airports in the world? Why here the tracks are ice! Although they are not commercial airports to use, it is quite a challenge to take off and land on them.

One of the great challenges is, without a doubt, to prevent the ice from breaking, because the weight of the planes is easily achieved. Thus, the tracks are adapted with machines that 'mow' it and that cover them with ice sheets to make them more resistant.

3. Courchevel (France)

Courchevel Airport - MartinPUTZ / Wikimedia Commons

It is located on a hill, so your landing strip is not flat as it should be. It is only 500 meters long to accelerate and reduce maximum and minimum speeds.

After crossing the French Alps, it will not give you time to recover from the almost heart attack it gives you when you see them so closely, when you will be landing on this complicated track. But if you want to ski in the area, you will not be able to arrive otherwise. You dare?

4. Congonhas, Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Congonhas Airport - Valter Campanato / ABr / Wikimedia Commons

It is not strange to see a plane that almost brushes the surrounding houses of one of the only runways and takeoffs that are built in the heart of a city. Brazilians say they are used to it, but will they really not wonder what will happen if the plane falls? We could not help it!

The airport was built in 1936, and then it was when the growth of the city arrived. Everyone wanted a 'post' near the airport that would revalue the home.

5. Lukla (Nepal)

Lukla airport - smallufo /

With only 600 meters in length, this airport is the most curious, because lands in a populated area. When a plane is about to land or take off, people are alerted through sounds similar to alarms.

However, this is not the important thing, the funny thing is that there is a fence that determines the end of the airport and the beginning of a cliff several hundred meters of fall. If you want to visit Everest, you will have no other way to get there.

6. Princess Juliana (Saint Marteen)

Princess Juliana Airport - alljengi /

Surely more than once you have seen this photo or some similar. A plane that almost touches people who enjoy a beautiful beach paradise. And no, it is not a montage, it is real and it is from this Caribbean airport.

Although not only they cross the beach, but a huge gate and part of the city, until they reach the final landing strip. Luckily the coordinates do not fail, although it is true that More than one curious has got a good scare, and there has even been an accident.

7. Gibraltar (Great Britain)

Gibraltar Airport - Armando G Alonso /

As you well know, Gibraltar is a small rock, but it has an airport that crosses it from side to side. The distance is barely a kilometer. The complicated thing is that it crosses the only exit and entrance road to the city.

There are some traffic lights, both for cars and pedestrians, which turn red when a plane is going to land or take off. Everyone waits while admiring the show of an airplane trying to catch the speed required to take off in less than a kilometer, or reduce it to land. If you go to the rock, keep track of the traffic lights.

"It is easier to travel on an airplane, even to fly it, than to understand why it can fly."

-John von Neumann-

You still don't know any of the most dangerous airports in the world? Maybe your next vacation is a good opportunity to go to at least one of them, you dare?

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