6 fantastic fall trips for teenagers

Autumn represents the beginning of the course, a new cycle. It is something that adults feel this way, and also the youngest. Some, after a summer of fun and vacations, if they have been lucky enough to travel abroad, are already beginning to realize how important it is to master a language. Y Autumn trips are perfect for these teenagers to reinforce their learning.

Autumn trips to learn a language


All languages ​​deserve our respect and all are important. But it is clear that globally there are several very influential languages. One of them is Spanish, which fortunately we already speak natively. But there are others like English, French and even German that are spoken in other parts of the globe.

As well, There may be autumn trips designed to learn a little more about those languages. And not only that, but to discover the customs and ways of life that develop in the places where they are spoken.

Thus, we are going to propose these destinations to learn languages, for those adolescents who seek to improve their command of a foreign language.

1. Brighton

Brighton - aviyaglass / Pixabay.com

To learn or improve English, any destination in Britain can be ideal. While We have chosen Brighton for one reason: its privileged climate within this country

In Brighton, in the south of England, it is easier for good weather, so it's a good place for fall trips for teenagers. Not forgetting that it is a very attractive and fun city.

2. Ireland

Dublin - Leonid Andronov

If you are not afraid of the rains and the first cold, but you have a smaller budget, there is another option to do one of these autumn trips and practice English. It's about traveling to Ireland. You can choose between its big cities like Dublin or Cork, or among other smaller populations.

Teenagers who want to learn English and like music, must travel here. Not forgetting the beauty of Irish landscapes.

3. Malta

Valletta - Crodo Agency Kordian Pach

We are talking about taking trips in the fall, which is possibly the most unstable season of the year. A reason that some may discourage people from moving to Britain or Ireland, no matter how much they are the best places to learn English.

But we have another option of greater climate bonanza: Malta. This island in the heart of the Mediterranean, is now an independent republic, but for decades it was a British colony, so that language is spoken there.

In fact, there abound the academies that teach English classes and courses for foreigners. The offer is wide and for all ages, at any time of the year.

4. Trip to the south of France

Nice - Kiev.Victor

Shakespeare's language is not the only one worth learning. As well French can be very interesting for the curricular development of any teenager. So you can think of a trip to France with that motive.

While we return to the weather issue, and to have a better guarantee of good weather, We recommend scheduling an autumnal trip south. To regions such as Provence or the Côte d'Azur. And it is that for the autumn months, in regions like Brittany, Normandy, Alsace and even Paris, rain and cold are safe.

5. Cross the puddle

Toronto - geraldfriedrich2 / Pixabay.com

Both French and English are a great excuse to think about a trip across the Atlantic. There are autumn trips for teenagers who propose stays in schools in the United States.

There are also those whose destination is Canada. In this country, precisely, you can kill two birds with one stone in certain cities, since both languages ​​coexist there.

6. Learn German in Berlin

Berlin - canadastock

And finally, we want to give the idea of ​​reinforcing the German or having a first contact with him. For that, trips in autumn to Berlin can be ideal, even more so for a teenager.

Good weather won't, but Berlin is a hotbed of cultural activities, so that not only will the language of the most powerful European country be learned, but also the artistic concerns of each one can be given free rein.

«To speak a language is to assume a world, a culture.»

-Frantz Fanon-

In short, if we plan on preparing a teenager for a trip in the fall, or at any time of the year, the objective must be to be as enriching as possible. And we are sure that all these proposals fulfill that purpose.