Sentosa Island, pure fun in Singapore

Sentosa Island is known for its great attractions. The Resorts World Sentosa is a huge hotel and entertainment complex that has served to give Sentosa a new face in Singapore. It houses, among other attractions, a casino, the world's largest oceanographic, a water park and even a Universal Studios park.

What to see in theSentosa Island

We will know the most interesting places on Sentosa Island. It is a small island of just 5 km² located in the south of Singaporewhich has won whole with the work done on its coasts. Do not miss detail, because it is worth it. We start!

1. Imbiah Lookout

Amusement Park - Kamonlaphop Kaewmanee

Imbiah Lookout is the highest point of Sentosa Island, and before it was part of the old amusement park that was in the area. After a deep modernization, it now concentrates up to eleven attractions.

"Fun is like insurance, the older you are the more it costs you."

-Friedrich Schiller-

2. Siloso Point

Located in the western part of the island, it is possible to reach it on the bus that runs throughout the island. Stand out for Fort Siloso, a historical themed museum which is located in a fort built by the British Empire.

3. Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach - Tatiana Popova

Sentosa Island has more than three kilometers of beaches. Siloso's is the westernmost beach on the island, which goes from Siloso Point to the Beach Station of Sentosa monorail. It is one of the most popular beaches in Singapore.

Although it is not a beach as attractive as those in Malaysia or Thailand, we can find many restaurants, shops and bars.On the beach you can also practice sports such as kayaking or beach volleyball.

But there are many other attractions on Siloso beach. Among them we can highlight the following:

  • Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure: are circuits in segway both for beginners and for those who have some more experience.
  • Gogreen Cycle and Island Explorer: They are guided circuits on the island by bicycle, as well as bicycle rental to tour Sentosa on your own.
  • Songs of the Sea: an important audiovisual show.
  • iFly Singapore: This is a wind tunnel that simulates the experience of jumping into the void without a parachute.
  • Wave House Sentosa: an artificial wave simulator for surfers.
  • Flying trapeze: great emotion in the form of a trapeze.

3. Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach - Marcin Stolarek

It is in the center of the southern coast of Sentosa, between the beaches of Siloso and Tanjong. We can access it from the Station Station of the Sentosa monorail Beach Station. It has several bars.

It is one of the most familiar of the island. If you fancy a day with the children, they will have a great time here. In addition, it offers services for everyone, so no one will be left out of the fun.

4. Tanjong Beach

Sentosa Island - Katjen

It is the beach with greater tranquility of the island. Without a doubt, it is a good place if you are looking for rest and be in communion with nature. It is one of the corners of the place where you are less disturbed.

5. Serapong

This region comes to occupy much of the eastern part of the island of Sentosa. The main attraction here is the Sentosa Golf Club.

How to get passes and how much do they cost?

If you want to use the attractions on Sentosa Island, It is possible to purchase individual tickets for each of the attractions. You can also buy passes where the entrance is included, in addition to the attractions of the island.

Universal Studios - Stockforlife /

Write down the types of passes What you have available on Sentosa Island:

  • The Day Play Pass is valid throughout the day, from 9 to 19 hours. It entitles you to use 15 attractions, once each.
  • The Noon Play Pass is only valid in the afternoon, from 2:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. It entitles you to use 4 attractions, once each.
  • The Thrill Day Pass is valid all day, from 9 to 19 hours. It entitles you to use 2 of a total of 5 adventure attractions that are not included in the previous passes.

As you can see,Sentosa Island is a very attractive option if you are looking for a good leisure time and also enjoy its nature. A place that is worthwhile if you really want to have fun and experience new sensations, in addition to the possibility of practicing many sports in an idyllic setting.

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