Little secrets for smart luggage

Smart luggage is one that contains only what you are really going to use. It is also the one that you can carry comfortably and does not become a problem at any time. It is also the one that allows you to find things easily.

The first rule to make a smart luggage is to make a detailed and practical reflection. The art of doing a good suitcase goes through a skill that not everyone has: knowing how to discard. This, in turn, has a lot to do with those little fears and insecurities that you have when traveling.

After that, it is necessary to arrange things in such a way that the whole space of the suitcase is used. There are several techniques to achieve this, but it all depends on the shape of your backpack or the bags you carry. Also, of course, the type of trip you are going to take.

As we pointed out, the first thing is to make a cold and pragmatic reflection about what you should take. At first, you must define what you find absolutely indispensable. That is, what you would not be able to do without in case everything else was taken away from you.

Then there is a gold standard: discard everything that generates doubts. These are the things that you don't know if you are going to use or not or that you will use only in case of 'x' or 'y' situation. You will almost certainly not need them.

You must be radical and forceful. You may have just one change of clothes and four or five additional items. Based on this is where you have to start packing.

The handbag is very important. First because It contains the most essential and often used. Second, because basically all airlines and all means of transport allow you to take it at no additional cost. You must take advantage of this to know what you put there.

The regulations on the handbag change relatively frequently. As well they have variations from one airline to another, especially in low cost. So first of all you should review the company's policies in this regard.

As usual, The handbag must not exceed these dimensions: 25x40x20 centimeters. What should you take there? Documents, money, medications, mobile and camera with cables and charger, some entertainment, some snack, fundamental cleaning elements and a basic change of clothes.

One of the secrets to designing a smart luggage is to distinguish the concepts. It is not the same handbag as hand luggage. The hand luggage has slightly larger dimensions and you must upload it to the luggage carrier. The most common is that they allow these dimensions: 55x35x20 centimeters.

The best thing is that the handbag is a backpack or, in any case, that it is made of a flexible material. This will adapt or fit better in any control. Not all companies accept that you go with a handbag and hand luggage at the same time. You should verify this in advance.

When traveling, Ideally, you only have to carry these two elements. In this way, clothes, toiletries and everything you need for the trip should go in your hand luggage.

Remember that, in any case, there are elements that you cannot take in the cabin and that liquids, gels and creams should go in containers of no more than 100 ml, which in total do not add more than one liter. All these containers have to go together in a transparent and closed bag.

You should always evaluate whether you really need to carry checked luggage or not. Currently, many airlines charge an additional cost for this. In addition, it involves waiting for you to leave at the end of the trip, which can be tedious or delay your plans, in some cases.

If you're going to carry checked luggage anyway, there must go the bulk of the clothes you wear. You should also include in it the additional elements (cables, adapters, etc.) that you do not need frequently.

To make a smart luggage, the best thing is that you double roll some clothes to place them in the corners of the suitcase and on 'the first floor' of it. On top you can put other extended garments, even if they exceed the edge. Thus you are forming layers. In the end, simply bend inward the protruding ends.

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